Wednesday, 30 June 2010

London 2012 on track to be the most sustainable Games

Nearly two million tonnes of contaminated soil have been cleaned to be reused on the Olympic Park in the UK’s largest ever soil-washing operation.

Five soil-washing machines have cleaned most of the one million cubic metres of soil that was contaminated with oil, petrol, tar, cyanide, arsenic and lead. More than 80 per cent of this soil has been cleaned so it can be reused on the Olympic Park and 98 per cent of demolition materials on site has been recycled.

Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) Chief Executive David Higgins said: ‘Delivering one of the UK’s most complex and greenest clean-up operations on time and on budget is a major milestone. With the soil washing complete, the focus now moves on to the “green build” and ensuring sustainability remains at the heart of our work to deliver the venues and parklands for the Games and legacy.’

This week is London 2012 Sustainability Week and the ODA has published two documents: a map showing the ‘green build’ of the venues and parklands within the Olympic Park, and an update on London 2012’s sustainable transport plan.

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